Live Online Drip & Naked Cake Class


In our class you will learn to make a creative and elegant Drip Cake. The pre-baked cakes are filled with a fine buttercream as a base and decorated into a Naked Cake. They will then be decorated by self-made choclate bark, meringues and other options you might have at hand.




The pre-baked cakes are filled and roughly covered with a fine buttercream. With the right technique and consistency you will learn how to cover the cake with a topping of melted chocolate in a pretty and evenly way. You will also learn to master and create your own great decorations (small meringue, broken chocolate with the finest chocolate coating, etc.) that will allow you to transform your Drip Cake into a unique work of art.

You will learn and receive:

  • The recipe to bake fluffy cake layers
  • Recipes for delicious fillings
  • The correct way to fill cakes
  • How to frost the cake with a “naked” effect
  • The correct tempering and coloring of chocolate
  • Decorating an even and beautiful dripping
  • The making of Chocolate Bark
  • The making of meringues

Course Suplies


For this course you will need:

  • A computer, tablet or cell phone (preferably with camera and microphone) and a good internet connection.
  • Zoom installed and ready to go
  • The recipe booklet that you will receive when you purchase this course.
  • All the ingredients and tools that are on the course booklet



Q: I want to bake with friends or family at my place. Do I need to buy multiple seats/tickets?

A: No, each ticket is valid for one household.

Q: How do I know what exactly I need in the kitchen to make the course?

A: After your purchase, you will receive the course booklet and all relevant information.

Q: How and where do we meet online?

You will receive a zoom link to the course in an email latest 3 days before the course. It is very simple! You just have to follow the instructions in the email.

Q: What if I can’t join the meeting or my zoom doesn’t work?

A: I recommend you to test everything at least one day before the course (zoom, microphone, camera, internet connection)  to make sure that everything works well when the course starts. If you have any questions, you can write me the day before (info@localhost) or call me (+491737997637) and I will try to help you out. Once the course starts, I won’t be able to help any further with the technical stuff.

Q: I will be late. I can’t make it to the course until later. Does it matter?

A: The courses starts punctually and the recipes have a sequence of steps that have to be strictly followed. If you come in late, it will be hard for you to catch up. In some cases, it may not even be possible for you to follow the recipe at all once we have started it. So, please arrive on time, or even 5 minutes early!


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