Kids Birthday Online Baking Party


Give special moments in difficult times!

It’s soon your daughter’s or son’s birthday and you don’t know how to organise a party without her/his friends or how make her/him happy during the pandemic? Just book a baking class for her/him with her/his friends and let all kids bake, decorate and have fun together, thus being at their homes!




The class lasts 2:30 hours and the children (between 7-16 years old) can make a cupcake class or a macaron class.

1) In the cupcake class, the children will learn:

  • bake vanilla or lemon cupcakes
  • make a buttercream
  • different ways to make the cupcakes beautiful (with a piping bag, a spatula or simply a knife)
  • some variations to decorate and present the cupcakes nicely.

Attention! Each household must have an adult present to assist the child (or children).

2) In the macarons class, the kids learn:

  • Mise en place (prepare everything beforehand) to avoid stress and mistakes.
  • how to make the macaronage correctly
  • the right consistencies of merengue and macaron dough to make perfect macarons
  • professional piping techniques to get really round macarons
  • 1 prepare fillings
  • They will also receive a recipe booklet with many macarons recipes to be able to make different macarons flavors at home.

Attention! Each household must have an adult present to assist the child (or children).

Course Suplies


For this class each household will need:

  • A computer, tablet or cell phone (preferably with camera and microphone) and a good internet connection.
  • Zoom installed and ready to go
  • The recipe booklet that you will receive when you purchase this course.
  • All the ingredients and tools that are on the course booklet



Q: Is it 29€ per child or for the whole class?

A: The price is per household. Each household can have more than one participant, e.g. siblings of your friends. However, if the whole party takes place in one household, the price is per participant.

Q: How can I make a specific date?

A: After you book the class, you will receive an email with all the class details. Please reply to this email with at least 2 possible dates (2 different days and 2 different times on each day). After that, you will receive an email from us with the date confirmation.

Q: How do I know what exactly I need in the kitchen to make the course?

A: After your purchase, you will receive the course booklet and all relevant information.

Q: What about my friends, how will they do it?

A: You have to send to all your guests:

  • the day and time of your online party! It is important that everyone arrives punctually. Otherwise, those who arrive late won’t be able to follow the recipe and make their dessert!
  • the class booklet with all recipes and instructions, that you will receive from us
  • the Zoom link we will send you, so the meeting can be held with everyone present at the same time

Q: How and where do we meet online?

You will receive a zoom link to the course in an email, latest 3 days before the course. It is very simple! You just have to follow the instructions in the email.

Q: What if I can’t join the meeting or my zoom doesn’t work?

A: I recommend you to test everything at least one day before the course (zoom, microphone, camera, internet connection)  to make sure that everything works well when the course starts. If you have any questions, you can write me the day before (info@localhost) or call me (+491737997637) and I will try to help you out. Once the course starts, I won’t be able to help any further with the technical stuff.

Q: I will be late. I can’t make it to the course until later. Does it matter?

A: The courses starts punctually and the recipes have a sequence of steps that have to be strictly followed. If you come in late, it will be hard for you to catch up. In some cases, it may not even be possible for you to follow the recipe at all once we have started it. So, please arrive on time, or even 5 minutes early!


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