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Cookie Class

In this class we will be decorating beautiful Christmas cookies, while learning some main techniques on how to work, color and pipe Royal Icing or apply Fondant or Rice Paper on cookies.  

You will learn:

1) Fondant:

* how to cover cookies with fondant

* make and use small fondant decorations to highlight or decorate your cookies

2) Rice Paper

* how to aplly and decorate cookies with rice paper

3) Royal icing:

*  how to prepare different consistencies of Royal icing, 

* how to color it 

* different piping techniques

* how to create different effects by using different nozzles 

*  basic knowledge about piping and piping tools 

You will go home with:

* many gorgeous self-decorated Christmas cookies 

* the best cookie recipes

* confidence in your new piping and decorating techniques

* a clear understanding on how to prepare, bake and decorate pretty cookies 

* knowledge about food-coloring, cutters and other main baking and decorating tools 

* new decorating ideas and techniques 

* an answer to all questions you have about cookies!

Duration: 3-3:30 hours

Preis: 85€ pro Person. 

Includes: All necessary ingredients and tools, boxes to take your cookies home, recipes (will be sent per email), water and coffee during class.