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Basic Tortenkurs

Welcome to the wonderful world of cake decorating! With us you will have lots of fun and still learn many new techniques and useful tricks.

In this course you will learn the sequence of all the important steps to bake and prepare a perfect cake.  The cake hast to be perfectly cut and trimmed, filled the right way with the right amount of creme and have a smooth finish. We will of course work with real cake, and not with dummy cakes!

At the end you will learn how to cover a round cake with fondant, independently from it's size. We will give you many hints, to avoid or solve possible problems and mistakes.

You will still decorate the cake with very simple decorations.

The course includes all necessary materials, Koffee, Water and some lunch snacks. You will also receive a box to safely transport your cake home.

You will learn:

  • to cut and trim a true cake
  • to perfectly fill and cover it with frosting
  • to prepare and color fondant and cover a round cake with it
  • to avoid and fix some possible mistakes
  • to use rolling pins, cutters, smoothers and other cake tools.

You will go home with:

  • a delicious own-decorated 20 cm round cake.
  • confidence in your new knowledge and techniques
  • a clear understanding about methods and techniques on how to prepare a cake and how to use the different cake tools
  • recipes for cake dough and frostings.

Preis: 150€ per person (in case you would like to bring your own cake, the course will cost 120€. Please let us know in advance!).

Durations: Between 10-16/17h, with half an hour of lunch break.

Nr of participants: min 3, max 8.