Hi! I'm Leonor Capristano

And if you landed on my little slice of the Internet, you’re probably a healthy dessert baking lover (or flirting with the idea of becoming one.)
So come on in, roll your sleeves up, and get ready to thrill yourself (and your family) with my mouthwatering FREE functional dessert recipes, valuable nutrition information, trainings and action steps necessary to transform any traditional dessert recipe into a nutritious healthy delight.
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I've been where you are...

Wanting to make healthy desserts not knowing exactly which ingredients to use and in what quantities or ratios.
Trying repeatedly to adapt my family’s favourite recipes using new ingredients, or making recipes from the internet, without getting that delicious taste, consistency or appearance my family is used to.
Being afraid and frustrated of wasting time, money and ingredients in tasteless or failed recipes.
After 10 years of being a professional baker, plus three full years of studying, experimenting and testing functional ingredients and recipes…
My functional cakes and desserts are indistinguishable to the taste buds of the most demanding gluttons. Nobody realises that my cakes are functional and made with nutrient-rich ingredients, instead of inflammatory and allergenic ingredients like traditional recipes do. Functional desserts are NOT harming your body, nor irritating your gut, nor fattening. They actually help you lose weight!
How is that?
Because they’re not inflammatory. They are nutritious, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, free of refined and ultra-processed sugars or hydrogenated fats. They are also low in carbs and full of functional phytochemicals, vitamins, fibres, proteins and good fats, all that nourish our bodies, our gut and our microbiota.
Want to find out how to bake delicious and successfull recipes while improving everyone’s health?



Let’s explore together an inclusive way of baking and totally gluten free, lactose free, vegan and white sugar free. 

Learn how to make delicious gluten free, vegan and white sugar free desserts!

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The Functional Desserts Masterclass

Healthy Desserts Mini-Course

Hi, I’m Leonor!

I teach home and professional bakers how to transform and create mouthwatering desserts. 

Hi, I’m Leonor! I teach home and professional bakers how to transform and create healthy mouthwatering desserts.



The Functional Desserts Masterclass

Learn how to transform and create healthy mouthwatering desserts.


Hi! I’m Leonor.

If there is something that makes me happy, it is indulging in a chocolate dessert. Anything with chocolate is attractive and irresistible to me. But I actually love desserts in general.

I was a traditional baker and cake designer in Germany for about 10 years, until I found out that I have several food intolerances. I had to revolutionise my baking and adapt all recipes to my health situation. That is when I discovered functional baking and the benefits of healthy baking. At first, I was suspicious about the flavour and consistency I would get but now, all my desserts taste very similar to the original and I can eat totally guilt-free. What initially was a shock became a blessing to me!

All my desserts are gluten-free, dairy-free, white sugar free, some are vegan. All my recipes are also easily adaptable to people suffering from diabetes. And I teach you how to do that in my Functional Desserts Masterclass.

My mission is to help everyone who has food restrictions- or follows some special diet – to learn how to transform or create recipes adapted to their individual health needs, so they can keep enjoying delicious desserts without jeopardising their health – just like me!

I wish you all a sweet happy day!


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